Rainbow Iced Cake Jello Shots

Happy Halloween!

So today instead of sharing something that’s really festive and spooky for Halloween, I’m sharing rainbow jello shots šŸ™‚

I mean how frickin cute are these?

And instead of doing something really fun and dressing up tonight we are staying in, watching scary movies and passing out candy… Like an old married couple…lol

I’ve been eyeing these on Pinterest for a while now and for my GNI I knew I had to make them!

These are the girliest jello shots ever!  They are made out of iced cake vodka, a little lemonade and with the food coloring you get an awesome ombre effect šŸ™‚

It was a big hit and all the girls absolutely loved them!

And they tasted pretty good too šŸ™‚

Everyone thought they must be super hard to make, but in reality they were pretty simple šŸ™‚ They do take a little bit of time since they have to set in between each layer, but besides that are fairly quick!

Every second you spend on these will be totally worth it though because all your guests will love ’em! šŸ™‚

Stars: 5

Level: Easy

Comments: These are fab! Boozy and tasty šŸ™‚

Negatives: Time consuming but worth it!

Will I make these again? Yes but make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to make these

Rainbow Iced Cake Jello Shots

Makes 24 jello


  • 1 3/4 cups lemonade (I used Minute Maid 15 cal lemonade)
  • 4 envelopes plain gelatin
  • 1 1/4 cups iced cake vodka
  • 4 tsp sweetened condensed milk
  • liquid food coloring


In a small saucepan, pour the lemonade. Sprinkle the gelatin and let it sit for 2mins.

Over low heat, cook the gelatin lemonade, stirring constantly, for about 5 mins or until the gelatin is dissolved.

Turn the heat off and stir in the vodka and condensed milk.

Pour the mixture into 6 bowls (about 1/2 cup portions). Add different food coloring to each bowl to create the rainbow effect:

– 4 drops of liquid food coloring for each red, blue, green and yellow

– to create orange= 3 drops of red+1 drop of yellow

– to create violet= 2 drops of red+2 drops of blue

In very small plastic cups, spoon 1 tsp of the red gelatin mixture. Refrigerate until set, but still a little sticky when touched. It will take about 10 mins for the first layer to set, all the rest will take about 5. Repeat with the remaining colors. Refrigerate for at least 8 hrs or overnight.

Source: Tablespoon

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