Expecting Baby #2

Expecting Baby #2

Finding out I was expecting baby #2 was very different than my first pregnancy.

Right after my son turned one in October 2015, I started to get baby fever again. We always talked about having our children close in age ideally about two years apart. My cycles after having my first never really went back to normal and they seemed rather short. Also since it took a few months getting pregnant with our first, we assumed it would probably take a little while to get pregnant.

Well that month I decided to start tracking my cycles with ovulation tests. Just to determine and see if I can track when I ovulate. Well every single test came back negative. I started to get kind of worried thinking maybe something is not quite right.

That month my husband had training with the military and he was going to be away for a week. A week that I assumed I should be ovulating based on my phone app. So with that in mind we decided to try just once right before he left and if see what happens.

Two weeks later, I woke up in the morning and something inside of me prompted me to take a pregnancy test. I figured it would absolutely be negative and there is no way I was pregnant.

So I went to the bathroom, took the test and left it on the counter. Unlike my first pregnancy I didn’t stare at the test the whole waiting time. Instead, I took it and left the bathroom and went about my morning taking care of my walking one year old.. See that’s mom life. About an hour later, I remember that I needed to go and look at the pregnancy test that was very much waiting for me. I picked it up and all I could do was STARE at the test and the blazing ‘pregnant’ word on the screen.

I was in such a disbelieve I kept looking at myself in the mirror and repeating “no way, you can’t be pregnant”. In that moment I realized I was scared and nervous to have another child. Can I handle two kids? Can I love another kid as much as my first? How is this happening so fast? These were all some of the questions running through my head.

Then I had to share the news with my husband. I didn’t have any cutesy stuff ready. All I felt was anxiety and nervousness of how he would react. Just based on the reaction I had.

So when he came downstairs that morning, I asked him a question. Thinking back it wasn’t the right way to go about it considering it could have easily back fired. But I asked him “How would you feel if we were to have another baby?” lucky for him, he chose the right answer and said it would be great. Then I said “Well that’s good since I’m pregnant”. He had a look of surprise on his face and definitely was not expecting it. But he gave me a kiss and hug and reassured me that we can do this. Which was all I needed to hear. We announced to all of our family and friends that year on Christmas that we were expecting baby #2

Our second baby Connor was the biggest surprise of my life. He continues to surprise me every day with how smart, curious and absolutely hysterical he is. Having our kids close together came with its challenges but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Our kids are best friends (some times worst enemies) but also each other’s biggest supporters and protectors and have taught me unconditional love like I never new existed.

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  1. I hear you on the anxiety of expecfing baby number 2. I was scared to tell any of my relatives I was expecting another baby. Mostly because my first was already 11 years old and I wasn’t even sure if I wanted another child. Olus, I was barely able to afford the 1st child and now here we go again. But my family was supportive as soon as they got over the shock. I’m glad that your family is thriving and Connor is so adorable! Great post!

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