25 Strong Baby Boy Names

25 Strong Baby Boy Names

Choosing Baby Boy names can be a tough decision. I know I had especially challenging time deciding what to name my two boys! So I’ve compiled a list of strong, easy to spell boy names and their meaning that are perfect for your little one!

1. Logan

This Scottish boy’s name is one I absolutely love since it is also my first child’s name! Logan means Little Warrior or Little Hollow. This name is very popular and its been in the top 20 for the last 5+ years. The best part is everyone knows how to spell it!

2. Connor

Another strong boy name that I am obsessed with! This Irish name just happens to be my 2nd born’s name. It mean lover of wolves / wise and I’m pretty sure its the definition on a strong name! This is also a popular (but not too popular) name and has been in the top 100 since 1992 typically staying in the mid 50s spot.

3. Ryder

This English name means Knight, Mounted Warrior. This name was #111 in 2019.

4. Hunter

This English and Scottish boy name means One who hunts! Hunter was #61 in 2019.

5. Ethan

Ethan is a Biblical name and means Strong / Firm. Ethan was #7 in 2019.

6. Austin

This Latin name means Dignified / Majestic. Austin was #85 in 2019.

7. Alexander

Alexander is another name that I personally adore as its my first son’s middle name. This Greek name means warrior / defendant of mankind and I think its pretty fitting considering the many kings and emperors that were named that! This powerful name was #17.

8. Barrett

This Teotonic name means bear strength. I mean does it get any stronger than that? This name is a little more uncommon coming in at #249.

9. Henry

Henry is a German name that means Ruler of the Home. Can I just say home much I love this name? If we were to have another boy and my husband was on board I would name him Henry! This name is also pretty popular right now it was #32.

10. Gabriel

This Hebrew name has an absolutely gorgeous meaning: Strength from God! Gabriel was #30.

11. Conrad

If you are looking for a unique and strong name thats not in the top charts than Conrad might just be the right choice! This German name means brave or wise counsel. It was #686.

12. Stone

This English name is as strong as it can be considering it means exactly what it is, Stone. This super cute name is very uncommon and ranked #1121.

13. Owen

This well knows Wellsh/Celtic name means young warrior / noble. It was #28 in 2019.

14. Colton

Colton is an English boy name that means Coal Town. It was #55.

15. Cole

Cole is Greek name with a really special meaning: Victory of the People! It ranked at #142

16. Dallas

Another Texas city that named my list Dallas is an Irish name that means valley of water. It was #259 in 2019.

17. Lincoln

This latin name means lake settlement. It was #39 last year.

18. River

River is an English name that means stream of water that flows to the sea. It was #160.

19. Brady

This English name means spirited, broad island. Its not all that popular it ranked #314.

20. Carter

Carter is a very trendy English name that means Carrier. It ranked at #13.

21. Ezra

Ezra is a Hebrew name that means Helper. It has definitely grown in popularity in recent years and was #39 in 2019.

22. Wyatt

Wyatt is a French name that means Strength in a battle. It was #22.

23. James

James is a Hebrew/English name that means Suppalanter. I absolutely love it and it’s my 2nd child’s midle name. It ranked #9.

24. Chase

Chase is a French name that means Hunter. This is a cute and strong name that is not very popular ranking at #1443.

25. Oliver

Oliver is a Latin name that means Elf warrior / olive tree. It has really gained popularity and ranked at #4 in 2019.

What is your favorite name from this list? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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