24 Beautiful Vintage Baby Girl Names

I absolutely adore vintage baby girl names! Some of these are absolutely making a come back in popularity while others are hidden gems. This list of beautiful vintage baby girl names will give you some new ideas and also tell you what the names mean. What is your favorite name from this list? 1. Adaline … Read more24 Beautiful Vintage Baby Girl Names

25 Strong Baby Boy Names

Choosing Baby Boy names can be a tough decision. I know I had especially challenging time deciding what to name my two boys! So I’ve compiled a list of strong, easy to spell boy names and their meaning that are perfect for your little one! 1. Logan This Scottish boy’s name is one I absolutely … Read more25 Strong Baby Boy Names

Connor’s Birth Story

Connor’s birth was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and also one of the most nerve wracking. This was my second pregnancy and I have to admit I’m very lucky to have easy pregnancies. I’m one of those people who absolutely loves being pregnant! Except for gaining about 25 pounds and feeling … Read moreConnor’s Birth Story

Expecting Baby #2

Finding out I was expecting baby #2 was very different than my first pregnancy. Right after my son turned one in October 2015, I started to get baby fever again. We always talked about having our children close in age ideally about two years apart. My cycles after having my first never really went back … Read moreExpecting Baby #2

My Journey to Motherhood

My Journey to Motherhood Our first pregnancy 5 years ago was very much planned. My husband I had been married for 4 years before deciding to try for a baby. I can be a very impatient person when it comes to things I really want and at that time I really really wanted a baby. … Read moreMy Journey to Motherhood

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